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Our team of multidisciplinary experts can assist public bodies, international financial institutions and private investors for the development of energy production projects (traditional sources and renewable power), energy efficiency actions and carbon credits generation initiatives.
We support our Clients in the development of power plants, mainly in the activities of site selection, seismicity, site investigations, foundations, seismic analysis and structural design, construction supervision, instrumentation and monitoring of civil works, dewatering engineering.  Our company has an historical involvement in the nuclear sector.  We worked for more than 30 projects worldwide: USA, Belgium, France, Germany Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Iran, Irak, Pakistan, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Romania, and Bulgaria, among the others.  Moreover, during the last 20 years we have continued to provide our services, with the involvement of some senior experts, for nuclear industry in Argentina (Embalse NPP), Bulgaria (Belene NPP) and Romania (Cernavoda).  More recently, D’Appolonia personnel has participated in the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) review committee and is fully up-to-date with current regulatory requirements.
In a rapidly changing global economy, the efficient use of energy plays an important role towards both sustainable development and market competitiveness.  Energy production based on fossil fuels combustion represents one of the main sources of greenhouse gases; promotion of energy saving in the industrial and civil sector and the increase of renewable energy sources use is a crucial step for reducing the harmful effects of climate change.  The sustainable use of energy in industries and buildings and the opportunities offered by the flexible mechanisms introduced by the Kyoto Protocol are fully covered by the services rendered by D’Appolonia.
Market sectors covered include:

  • Thermal and Nuclear Power Plants
  • Dams and Hydropower
  • Renewable Power (Solar, Wind and Biomass)
  • Transmission and Distribution


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