Innovation Services
Relevant Markets


D’Appolonia provides a full range of services to systematically create growth opportunities through innovation.  D’Appolonia services are based on proprietary tools combined with pattern recognition skills to develop high-potential concepts.  Well-structured and market-tested methodologies allow us to have substantial impact in a short period of time, and facilitate knowledge transfer and skill building.
Our multidisciplinary team of engineers and scientists work closely with small business and large multinationals to leverage their knowledge and complement it with world class expertise and technology.  We take advantage of in-house developments and effective private-public partnerships, securing funds when required by the ambition of new product development projects.  We can manage the whole life cycle of an innovation project, spanning from technological trends analyses, search and conceptual design of novel solutions, engineering adaptation and design, raise of the necessary funds and partnerships, up to integration, testing and validation.
As innovation is a major concern of public bodies, institutions and regional development agencies we help them in designing, implementing and monitoring the most suitable funding instruments and supporting programmes, tailored to the need of the local industry and markets.  This maximizes impact on local economies while ensuring effective knowledge and technology transfer between the research and innovation stakeholders.
A competitive industry with high growth rate potential built around intangible assets and IPR scalable business models is also an opportunity for financial institutions, informal investors and venture capital funds looking at promising investment deals. In this framework D’Appolonia supports them in evaluating business cases, valuing intangibles through in-depth technology due diligence and assessment services.


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