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Mining & Heavy Industry

Mining & Heavy Industry is characterized by activities that may potentially have a deep impact on safety and health of people, and on the surrounding environment. Technical issues are to be therefore always considered and evaluated in the light on a wider perspective, to guarantee business continuity and activities sustainability.


The complex requirements for design, construction, maintenance and operability of most industrial facilities can be faced by D'Appolonia, thanks to the long and detailed experience in managing projects in this sector. We assist and collaborate with top multinationals and governmental organizations, in all the development phases of large industrial projects: from feasibility to business strategies, from permitting to design, from construction management to operations and maintenance. A significant amount of our expertise has been gained internationally.

Markets sectors covered include:
  • steel, iron and aluminum plants
  • chemical plants
  • petrochemical plants
  • pharmaceutical plants.
In addition, D'Appolonia has developed extensive experience related to the copper, gold and coal mining industry. Key environmental issues, associated with this area, are the management of tailings and mining residue in general and the control and treatment of drainage.

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