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​Enhancing the safety of motor vehicles and the transportation of goods and people, reducing costs and risk factors, and optimizing production processes are significant ways of gaining and maintaining a competitive edge in today’s automotive business. Innovation plays a key role in successfully achieving such enhancements.

D’Appolonia provides a full range of innovation services and manages the whole life cycle of innovation projects, spanning from technology trends analyses, conceptual design of novel solutions, engineering adaptation and design, analysis of funding opportunities, setting up of collaborative partnerships, up to integration, testing and validation.

Furthermore D’Appolonia is a valuable partner for the development of reliable and secure software applications, offering a full range of software engineering services in order to assist Clients in exploiting the full potential of their products and processes.

D’Appolonia services for the automotive industry include:
  • product and process innovation
  • set-up and management of open innovation projects
  • IPR securing and technology transfer
  • technology scouting, technology intelligence and roadmapping
  • software engineering
  • electronic simulation and modelling

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