NEWS - 16/03/2017

ATC radar tower Chumphon (Thailand) & Test Bed PU EMPAR

Smart Monitoring (SM) systems are very effective integrity management tools for civil and industrial assets. SM systems work through a network of sensors that collect data on the condition of structures. By analyzing the data it is possible to detect damages or changes in the structure that could affect performance.

D’Appolonia is a solid partner for Smart Monitoring services with a global experience that covers a wide range of assets. Besides designing and installing permanent SM systems, D’Appolonia can also perform measurement campaigns with temporary sensors.

We have performed a complete evaluation of the structural health of an ATC (Air Traffic Control) radar tower located in Chumphon, Thailand. Our work included an analysis of the tower’s structural material properties by means of non-destructive tests, a structural geometry survey, a structural behavior assessment through Operational Modal Analysis (OMA), model updating and verification of the tower’s compliance with international standards and design codes.

Furthermore D’Appolonia has developed a measurement campaign for the Fixed Pedestal and Platform Unit (PU) of the Test Bed for Antenna Group Radar EMPAR F2 in order to investigate and assess the state of degradation of the PU and the stresses on the Unit. EMPAR (European Multifunction Phased Array Radar), built by Selex ES S.p.A., is a shipborne radar installed on French/Italian Destroyers (Horizon) and Italian Aircraft Carriers (Cavour).

Domenico Donisi