​​​  Logmarin Advisors, with twenty years of maritime engineering experience, specialises in logistic solutions for shipping and in supply chain design for dry bulk commodities such as coal, iron ore, food and other bulk commodities. Its main activities include ideation and design of bulk handling systems, such as floating terminals and loading/unloading systems and the search for economically sustainable solutions for the logistics of shore facilities. 
  Polaris supports organisations in the creation of new products and services, offering technical assistance during the development stage of important projects, research and innovation in the field of system/product engineering and engineering consultancy. In the energy production sector, Polaris supports operators as regards the design and construction of traditional, nuclear and renewable installations.  ​
  sembenelli_logo SC Sembenelli Consulting is a consulting engineering company with global expertise in civil engineering projects: dams and hydropower, civil and hydraulic infrastructures. SC offers support throughout the development of complex projects: from preliminary site investigations to structure behavioral analyses, up to preparation of technical specifications, instrumentation control, construction supervision, quantity accounting and construction plans. ​
  seatech_logo SeaTech is an engineering and consulting company providing multidisciplinary services for the design of offshore pipelines, subsea structures, civil infrastructures, and instrumentation and control systems for onshore plants and subsea systems. SeaTech was established in 2000 by people having 10-year experience in the design, construction, assembly and integration of sub-subsea systems. ​
  get_logo Geotechnical and Engineering Testing (G.E.T.) laboratory offers a complete range of soil, rock and material testing. G.E.T. services range from standard geo/material testing for local construction to on-site services in remote locations for dams, plant construction or offshore projects. In over 30 years of operation G.E.T. has participated in projects throughout Europe and Africa, performing testing in its fully equipped laboratory, Client facilities or using Containerized Field Laboratories. ​
  Edif_ERA_logo Edif ERA develops and offers engineering and consultancy services, supporting customers on critical projects across many sectors, including Defence and Security, Energy, Industry and Transport. Edif ERA delivers a range of assessment, investigation, design and assurance services across any or all phases of a project: design, commissioning, installation, through-life, upgrades and decommissioning.